Amiable Pulsations



Music waves are vibrations, which can be used to inspire and even induce altered states of mind. Nature makes its own music. From frogs, grasshoppers to birds and mammals all emit sound waves. Why sound? Why music? What exactly is the relationship between music and religion and where in the brain does that commonality emerge? The expression 'religious experience’ implies God, or gods, but the mix of ideas keeps such an experience veiled in mystery.

Only the daring explores what another fears. Humans long to be free, to let go and drift into something boundless; music can provide such flight. Let’s assume that on wings of music you have allowed yourself to glide. There will come a moment when an eerie feeling will surface.

"We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn." Gospel of Matthew 11:17



The libretto is the ‘script’ of an opera. It can be an original creation, sometimes written by famous poets or novelists (as Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Stefan Zweig for Richard Strauss’s works), but often it is an adaptation of plays (Shakespeare was a great source of inspiration for librettists), tales or novels.

The subjects developed in libretto are various: forbidden love, infidelity, revenge, craving for power, war, ancient myths or historic events.

Unlike most theatre, the text is sung by the artists in operas. The emotion and the intensity of singing have an impact on the weight and the meaning words. Music expresses in another way the emotions and the action taking place on stage.

Music is beyond words. It addresses directly the audience’s heart and appeals to its sensibility and imagination.



Music can be divided into genres and sub-genres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle. Within the arts, music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art. There is also a strong connection between music and mathematics. Music may be played and heard live, may be part of a dramatic work or film, or may be recorded.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The word derives from Greek μουσική (music; "art of the Muses"). The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according to culture and social context. Music ranges from strictly organized compositions (and their recreation in performance), through improvisational music to aleatoric forms.


Good things take time to create

About the gospel opera

As much as the traditional renditions of operas carry no real copyrights, new productions do.


It is quite expensive to put on a real operatic production these days; hence, this kind of genre of music needs sponsors.

Unlike musicals

A musical is usually a presentation of songs with acting, dancing and staging props. Opera is rather classical in style and production.

The voices

The voices are trained operatic voices with an orchestra performing a score of a well-known composer.

Modern opera

Today, operas have changed; they tend to be more like musicals or types of a Broadway productions.


Opera recreates and reinvents itself constantly. Before the rise of the curtain, nobody knows what will happen on the stage. 


A staging is not a simple illustration of a work: it carries a concept. The director proposes a view of an opera. 


No one can have monopoly on the word 'opera' although times have changed inspiration is always new.


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a bit ofpoetpoetry

Take me along the path of bliss...


Angels sing

Angels sing! Church bells ring!
I have fallen in love and sing!
Clouds smile! Earth beat your drum!
Sun dance! Wind whistle and hum!

The melody and harmony of love
What I have received is a gift from above!
God's love became flesh and blood!
Tell me what's wrong and what is right!

Can time stand still without a fight?
I blend with you and with your light
Darkness' forsaken, gone in its fright
There is time standing upon a hill

It makes no alarm and makes no drill
For it's been made for joy and thrill
Sun tarries now and seeks its fill
It drags its feet throws glances with a sigh

Throws me a kiss and says 'good bye'
I hear its sobs with rainbows around
Teardrops now fall but from one cloud
These tears darkness cannot destroy

They linger and share in my joy
They sing the newly born song
They join and march with a happy throng
Of like victims' sun's smiles deprived

But not forsaken, like me set apart
For glory and honor, quality divine
Without tears this honor could never be mine.
Tears come and go and they are dried

I spread my wings. I soar and glide
I'm climbing mountains for some too high
The night, the tears, the pain and sigh
I left behind this worn-out garment

I’m clad in purple in blue and scarlet
My hand now holds a golden goblet
Royal feast is called and I hear clatter
My comfort's served on a golden platter

About time

Give time a chance to recover from its toils
Give time a respite and make it smile on you
From the point of creation in its infancy
Time was made for healing, bliss and vibrancy

One must not be ill to talk about health
One must not be sad to talk about joy
One must not taste wars to know peace
One must know time and how it feels

Time can be your friend if you treat it so
Or it can be like an unredeemed foe
In time nothing gets lost not even dross
The byproduct of fire and liquified gold

Time is most precious when in its raw form
Time's no master and you're not its slave
Clock's arms are not whips hastening your end
Man made them and bound himself with

Give time some slack and it will thank you
With every turn of the wondrous planet
Shadows of nights and sun's ceaseless rays
Don't ever bind time and it will serve you well

Befriend time, breathe into it eternity
Defuse its gloom which you have imagined
The raw form of time, free and unconstrained
Turns space into grace thoughts into sunshine

Raw honey's the best unprocessed and unfiltered
So is time, which cannot be harnessed or bottled
Like a guardian angel watching over you
Time is the usher standing at the door

An escort to that royal seat prepared for you
Before time ever was, before matter appeared
Time came from no-time whence it will go
Clocks will decay and be no more


Veils of innocence

A child is born with eyes shut tight
The noise is too loud the light is too bright
After a while the world has its way
For the laws that govern it prevail

The child now sees, wiggles and smiles
It cries, it's hungry, eats and retires
Sleeping and waking, living, subsisting
Till time has its fill; hungering and thirsting

Little by little the world is discovered
What was still hidden and dimly covered
Reemerge in images once seen in distant past
Colors and shapes, blue sky and green grass

They are here now from long, long ago
The child has seen, the child has known
What is my mission on this dreary spree?
And what is the purpose of me being here?

Bewildered, bamboozled or just introduced?
Child is probing all signals as if distressed
The new discovery does not yet make sense
It is all still hidden in veils of innocence

You are a flower

You are a flower that has not yet bloomed
Tall tree which has not yet taken a root
A pearl to be formed and then to be found
A diamond still buried deep in the ground

You are the echo of eons of time
You are the voice still to be refined
Ray of rainbows that still must appear
In time still appointed, this time is near

Your time is to come to show the divine
Though water already was changed into wine
Still hidden in shadows then brought to light
Lifted on high, hid in the ground then glorified

The everlasting one, the ancient one with scars
Earth could not hold you, no moons, no stars
No width, no depth, no height, no distance
No light nor darkness, no man's insistence

The task was finished the price was paid
The world is redeemed who wants to be saved?
From gloom and darkness, dreaded separation
From the Almighty from His inspiration

The Word made flesh, His Son the revelation
The mourners’ hope eternal life’ consolation
The way, the truth, the life - the Ancient of days
Like most precious seed lost without a trace

Among those who like Him suffered a many blows
He fell and was buried in fields made out of souls
He flourished and blossomed and sprang up anew
Do you see Him in me? Do I see Him in you?

The Melody of seventh

Lord, give me time that I might not waste it
Give me your grace and let me grow
Like a tree by the brook, or better yet
Let your living water carry me on

Lord, give me more beauty, but also a mirror
Let me see therein but only your reflection
The fading pictures of the bygone days
Remain in the shadows of yesteryears

Lord, give me light on those cloudy days
From down below I’ll light up the sky
Let it spring back off those darkened clouds
And fall on those still groping in shades

Ticking time does not exist and yet you keep its beat
This measured rhythm of sevenths fits but only with you
Pauses in space, fixed seasons on earth call for my attention
“Meet with Me” minus the meddle of man’s interpretation

Let the rhythm of sevenths become also yours so follow My line
One day you will stop counting strokes of the outpaced time
You will forget and yet you will know everything that is
Everything that sings the melody of sevenths in My eternal bliss


Slipping Away

Slipping into darkness that’s easy
Finding your way can be hard
Knowing which is my way
But can you see in darkness?

Slipping down the slope is easy
Stepping on lose rocks is risky
But climbing has its rewards
As long you’re anchored in truth

Finding your way is finding the truth
But truth may not settle well with you
Finding yourself without the light
Is guessing and endlessly dreaming

Slipping into light does not happen
One can only slip away from its realm
Turning on the light is always costly
Darkness needs no effort or grasp

Darkness is void, nothing without light
Darkness holds no bill and no account
Life is the power of light, which never dies
It goes on and never slips away

Choices are of light, while it’s still close by
Turning on the interest must not return void
Does not slip away or rolls down the slope
It climbs a slippery slope and grasps

Fire always rises and alights above
But when it dies down it retreats to its chambers
Do you know the source and its dwelling place?
It is the same as never slipping away

Are you hungry?

Hungry for food I’ll give a morsel
Hungry for gold find pick and shovel
Hungry for fame then find some talent
Hungry for sex find yourself a spouse

In all other events roll up your sleeves
Fill your and your wife’s mouth with food
Feed your family and even your pet
Take a boat on water catch a fish or two

Thirsty for a drink, but not from your well
Thirsty, dry and parched may be your lips
But is your heart thirsty for more than a drink
Can it beat for others to the tune of justice

For little children; for black and white
For creeds you know and those deemed far out
Justice and mercy is the purest drink
It puts a smile on a sad face and soothes the soul

Don’t drink by yourself until you’re drunk
Don’t eat alone beyond your waistline
Don’t let each heartbeat lose even one beat
Please let it also beat for those in great need

In the beginning

In the beginning was the word, but before the word there was no beginning
And before the beginning was another beginning, but of another realm
And this realm had no beginning for it always was; it evolves into spheres
To which one attributes no beginning and no end, but one listens and hears

Transcendent, not captured, not grasped; much less possessed by a mortal
Knowing start but not the finish; who drinks water and eats his daily morsel
Something endless does not translate into alphabet; numbers are fatal
The prod to define time come from its haste it thrusts upon its children

Suspended in time but time has emerged from the timeless realm of which
One thinks in finite ways unable to bypass blows of the time’s whip
Church clocks strike bells on quarters of each hour but they don’t know why
Man in lack of this commodity fell in love with time chasing it like a bride

Hopeful bridegroom seeks to marry time and find respite in its confines
But time eludes his ardent moves making him chase this most illusive bride
Into obsession it drives his mind while senselessly falling in love with time
Your fathers fell prey to that same devious trap by chasing procurement
Of something money can’t buy.

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